1. Adopt the CNC full-automatic Computer system control having high precision & efficiency, remarkable output, and labor saving.
  2. Integral operation from feeding, punching, gluing, drying, film laminating embossing, edge trimming, slitting to cutting.
  3. The machine is specially designed with an embossing structure, adjusting embossing position exactly.
  4. After gluing, this machine can do film laminating exactly which reduces cost of raw materials and has high recycle rate.
  5. The inside printings of photo album and stamp album made by this machine are pretty and neat.
    Voltage : 220V 1 or 3 phase.
    Horse power of compressor : 5 HP Weight : 1,300kgs.
    Specification : 1200cm(L)110cm(W)200cm(H)
    (The excluded length of drier will be set according to actual requirement.)

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