1. The machine is specially designed with solid and precise structure; Stable, Durable and less noise.
  2. With CNC full automatic computer vibration. system control and photoelectric sensors having high precision for punching die and cutting.
  3. Adopt oil pressure manner for punching die having strong pressure and stability.
  4. Freely optional for punching die or cutting, or punching die and cutting processed at the same time, suitable for large self- adhesive labels.
  5. Equipped with electronic counter for counting output quantity.
  6. With automatic stopping & warning device for lacking of feeding and improper printing.
  7. Less noise, easy adjustment and operation, labor saving.
  8. Suitable for softly whole roll cutting such as : Soft electric circuit plate ( FPC), PAPER, OPP, PVC, PU, soft plastic leather, transfer paper, self-adhesive labels, aluminum foil, copper foil, nylon etc.


Model   Area Of Punching Die Voltage  Speed Specification Weight
CHV2-600 40 x 55 cm 220V,1 OR 3 PHASE 300 M/H 430 x 120 x 200 cm 2500 kgs
CHV2-700 60 x 65 cm 220V,1 OR 3 PHASE 300 M/H 450 x 120 x 200 cm 3000 kgs

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