1.The Machine is specially designed with solid and precise structure; Stable,
     Durable and Less vibration.
  2.Adop the CNC full-automatic computer system control and photoelectric
     sensors making exact registering without error.
  3.Can reduce 4/5 wastes than conventional screen printing machine.
  4.The speed of printing is 4 times faster than of conventional screen printing
  5.Equipped with electronic counter for counting output quantity.
  6.With automatic stopping
& warning device for lacking of feeding and
  7.The squeegee can be used to and for two times or more.
  8.The machine may be adjusted to semi-automatic for printing products of
     single sheet
such as : PC boards, wooden boards etc.
  9.Less noise, easy adjustment and operation, labor saving.
10.Suitable for softly transparent & opaque whole roll printing such as : soft
      electric circuit plate (FPC), paper, OPP, PVC, soft plastic leather, transfer
      paper, self-adhesive marks, aluminum foil, copper foil, nylon etc.
Model Area Of Flat 
Voltage Printing Speed Specification Weight
CNC Fully Automatic Continuous Rolling-Screen Printing Machine 
CHV-1AN500 35*45CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 500*110*170CM 750KGS
CHV-1AN600 40*55CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 500*130*190CM 1600KGS
CHV-1AN700 60*65CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 520*130*190CM 1200KGS
CHV-1AN800 40*80CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 470*105*170CM 1200KGS
CHV-1AN1000 60*95CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H   1200KGS
CHV-1AN1200 60*115CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 500*120*200CM 1400KGS
CHV-1AN2000 60*145CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 600*120*200CM 1500KGS
CHV-1AN2500 60*245CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 650*120*200CM 1700KGS
CHV-1AN3000 60*295CM 10HP 220V.1OR3PHASE 850M/H 800*120*170CM 2000KGS

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